Research and development

The requirements for better thermal package from environmentally friendly materials have led Cool Wool´s founder to research the possibility of utilising sheep’s wool for use in advanced temperature controlled thermal package.
Since 2016 Cool Wool has been working on environmental friendly thermal package mainly for use in the fish industry. The objectives of this work have been directed towards increasing the insulation value of eco-friendly cooling package. In co-operation with salmon farmers in Iceland, Faroyer and Fraunhofer has led to an active prototype that meets the rules and quality requirements for fresh food delivery.
Developments are aimed at producing cooling boxes that can keep  food cold under 4°C for 96 hours. The aim is to design sophisticated solution that take into consideration the entire system and entire life of the cooling boxes all the way back to the nature.
All  studies that Cool Wool has undertaken indicate that the insulation value of eco-friendly cooling box made from sheep’s wool and sustainable packaging material maintains the cooling of fresh fish better than conventional thermal boxes on the market today.