Anna María Pétursdóttir


B.Ed (Iceland), Dipl. (Iceland), M.Sc Occ.Psych (Hertfordshire), M.Sc Finance (Bifrost)

Main research and development projects

Lupin for soil conservation and food industry
Cultivation of the sweet Lupin in Iceland with the aim of utilizing the sanded soil for the production of protein-rich seeds for human consumption. The project were in collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute in Freising Germany and Soil Conservation Service of Iceland in 2012-2013

Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions toward a nordic ecosystem for health innovation
The aim of the project was to combine and strengthen knowledge in the Nordic Region in aim of developing a model for establishing a system of health innovation.

The main objective of the project was to build a branding platform for whitefish from the N-Atlandic that differentiates in the terms of sustainable production. The project is also to demonstrate how to establish Living Lab methodology in the marine sector, where innovation solutions are co-created, explored, demonstrated and evolated with user centiric approached..

Arnar Bjarnason

Fjármál og fjárfestingar

Ph.D. (Edinburgh), MBA (Aston), Cand-Oceon (Iceland)

Arnar graduated with a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in July 1994. Arnars doctoral thesis discussed the export behavior and globalization of Icelandic fisheries companies, entitled "Export and Die. The Icelandic Fishing Industry: the Nature and Behavior of its Export Sector ".
Arnar has a 25 years of experience with investment, corporate finance and also extensive experience with banking activities. Arnar operates today as Managing Director of Reykavík Capital ehf. Arnar has served on the boards of numerous companies, such as: Landsvirkjun, ALCAN in Iceland, ICEMART, Ingvars Helgason hf., Netbankan hf., Frjálsa Investment Bank hf., BYR Savings Bank and Bæjar hf. who owns and operates Icelandair Hotel Klaustur.

Ingunn Ýr Guðbrandsdóttir

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